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What is my case worth?

Your case may be worth nothing IF the jury decides against you after a trial on the merits.

The value of a case can only be determined after (1) a jury finds in your favor after a trial on the merits and (2) the made an award of money. Since no one can predict the future, we can only use certain factors to make an estimated “case value.”

Some of those factors include:

  1. Special Damages

    1. The total amount of related medical bills – past, present, and future.

    2. The total amount of lost wages – past, present, and future (e.g., a person who does not work will have lower case value, all other things equal, then a 35 year-old who was making $100K+ per year and can no longer work because of the injury. Similarly, a person who is able to work will have a lower case value, all other things equal, then the person who can no longer work because of the injury)

  2. General Damages

    1. “Pain and Suffering”

    2. Loss of body part (e.g., amputation)

    3. Loss of use of body part (e.g., paralysis)

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