Medical malpractice attorneys, all board certified podiatric surgeons, helping victims of podiatry, orthopedic, and related specialty medical negligence and injuries.

Will you be my attorney or will you refer my case to another attorney?

In all cases, the success of your case and maximizing the portion of any settlement or award that you receive receives prime consideration.

Generally our policies are:

  1. If the case is in the state of one of the attorneys listed on, with a few exceptions, one of the attorneys will handle your case.

  2. In cases where the attorney is not admitted to the bar of your state, the attorney will often obtain local co-counsel to assist in your case and we will work together with the local counsel.

  3. In instances where the local counsel or the law firm prefers to handle the entire case, we will remain available in a consultation capacity.

  4. In those cases where your case value may be low, it is often to your benefit to have the attorney refer the case to a local attorney and still remain in a consultation capacity.

We reserve the options to handle your case or to refer your case, based on the above factors and other considerations, including your desires and your permission.

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