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Who is responsible for the expenses in a malpractice case?

Generally, the client is ultimately responsible for the expenses of a lawsuit, including a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Generally, your attorney will advance some of the costs and expenses incurred in the investigation, preparation, and trial of a medical malpractice case. If there is a successful outcome of your case, these expenses are then reimbursed to the attorney. Most states require that attorneys be reimbursed directly from their clients even in the event of an unsuccessful malpractice claim. In that these costs and expenses can require a significant amount of funding, it is important that clients discuss and clarify this matter with their attorney.

Litigation expenses include filing fees, court reporter fees, deposition transcript fees, medical record fees, travel fees (airfare, lodging, ground transportation), photocopying fees and exhibit costs. Additionally, in a medical malpractice case, since an expert (physician) witness will need to be retained there are also expenses related to the expert witness(es). These can be quite substantial and include the doctors time to review the case, ongoing review, deposition costs, travel costs, and testimony at trial.

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