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Patient brought medical malpractice action against podiatrist. The Superior Court, Judicial District of Hartford-New Britain at Hartford, Walsh, J., awarded patient $90,000. Podiatrist appealed. The Appellate Court, Daly, J., held that damage award was not excessive.


DALY, Judge.

The trial court found that the defendant had failed to satisfy the requisite standard of care in the following areas: (1) the November 3, 1988 failure to anesthetize properly; (2) the November 17, 1988 failure to anesthetize properly; (3) the failure to provide adequate warning to the plaintiff of the procedure and potential complications; (4) the failed operation of November 17, 1988; (5) the advice to the plaintiff to break her own bone; (6) the failure to act in a prompt manner to complete the operation. After determining that the permanency of the deformity would not be considered in assessing damages, the court asked each party to state its opinion of the reasonable value of the case. The defendant assessed the damages to be $6000 to $8000 while the plaintiff stated that $30,000 was an appropriate award. The trial court awarded damages of $90,000. END OF DOCUMENT

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