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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Foot Surgery undertaken solely to for the purpose of affecting the appearance or the size of the foot (e.g., to make the foot smaller to be able to fit into smaller/stylish shoes).

There is much debate concerning cosmetic foot surgery. Many medical associations have position statements against Cosmetic Foot Surgery. There are many reasons against cosmetic foot surgery, including:

  1. Usually the foot is non-painful before surgery.
  2. Complications can develop after any surgery - Scarring, non-union, and arthritis may result after any surgery
  3. The expectations (of a smaller foot or being able to wear smaller shoes) may in some cases be unrealistic.
Physicians in general are experiencing a decrease in reimbursement from third party payors. They are looking for alternate ways to generate income. Since “cosmetic” surgery of any type is not covered by insurance, the physician can charge the patient a higher fee then would be reimbursed if the procedure was covered by an insurance policy.

If you or a loved one has suffered with a MAJOR complication from cosmetic foot surgery, the attorneys listed on this web site will be happy to review your medical records and let you know whether they can assist you.


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