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Oral Anti-Fungal Therapy

In recent years many people have used oral anti-fungal medications in an attempt to improve or eradicate fungus toenails and fungus fingernails. With the increased usage of these medications have come increased reports of complications.

Oral anti-fungal medications are associated with potentially fatal complications, including liver failure and heart failure. Approximately 22 deaths have been reported from liver failure associated with these medications and approximately 13 deaths have been reported from heart failure associated with these medications.

One should ask whether the risk of death justifies the use of these medications just to obtain cosmetically pretty nails.

Having a complication from the use of these medications is not, in and of itself, a cause of medical malpractice. But, medical malpractice may be present with the misuse of these drugs, including:

  1. Failure to do appropriate testing before starting the oral anti-fungal therapy to determine the presence of fungus in the nails (other conditions beside fungus infections can cause thick nails).

  2. Prescribing oral anti-fungal medications for patients with a pre-existing history of liver or heart damage and/or disease.

  3. Prescribing oral anti-fungal medications for patients taking other medications that stress the liver, including some cholesterol lowering medications and some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). Many of these NSAID are available as over the counter medications.

  4. Failure to prescribe the medications in the proper dosage.

  5. Failure to perform appropriate blood tests during the treatment period to monitor the function of the liver and to monitor the patient's blood count.

If you or a loved one has suffered with a MAJOR complication from the use of these oral anti-fungal medication, the attorneys listed on this web site will be happy to review your medical records and let you know whether they can assist you.

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