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Ten Tips To Try To Avoid Foot Malpractice

  1. Choose the proper specialty
  2. Be sure the doctor is trained in the foot
  3. Be sure that the doctor is trained in the procedure
  4. Demand imaging studies
  5. Realize that the foot takes time to heal
  6. Understand your insurance and its limitations
  7. Follow your doctor’s instructions
  8. Get a second opinion
  9. Get a third opinion from a different specialty
    Since many different specialties treat the foot, there are different schools of thought and different areas of training in each specialty.
  10. File discipline reports on bad doctors

Following these Ten Tips, will not make you 100 percent safe from foot related medical malpractice. That is because much of what can go wrong in medicine is beyond the control of the patient. Likewise, a lot of what goes wrong in medicine may also be beyond the control of your doctor(s). In medicine, complications can occur when nobody is at fault


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