Medical malpractice attorneys, all board certified podiatric surgeons, helping victims of podiatry, orthopedic, and related specialty medical negligence and injuries.

The focus of the Foot Law web site is all types of medical malpractice and personal injury litigation, including those cases related to the treatment or surgery of the foot, ankle, or leg. Each independent physician-attorney listed on the Foot Law web site is available to represent clients who have suffered any type of personal injury or medical negligence, including foot, ankle, or leg surgery, or following any type of associated treatment.

Each independent physician-attorney listed on the Foot Law web site is available to represent clients who have suffered any type of Personal Injury including but not limited to the foot, ankle, or leg.

Any of the attorneys are also available to assist clients in Workers' Compensation or disability claims involving the foot, ankle, and leg; as well as claims or appeals affecting patient health care plans where the foot, ankle, or leg is involved.

These physician-attorneys are also available to serve as co-counsel with other attorneys throughout the United States regarding all types of medical malpractice litigation, including cases related to the bones and joints of the body, orthopedic, and foot cases. Plaintiff and defense oriented attorneys are invited to review our Litigation Support Page.

These physician-attorneys are available to provide independent representation to all physicians in medical malpractice actions (including uninsured or underinsured physicians). This type of legal representation can be extremely vital in those cases where there are conflicting interests in the goals of the defense attorney retained to represent the physician's insurer, rather than the physician individually. Furthermore, the physician-attorneys provide representation and consultation to all physicians in state board actions, corporate considerations, contract negotiations, representations in cases of Medicare (or other third-party payer) audits, recoupments or fraud actions.

The following types of cases are examples of matters in which the physician-attorneys listed on the Foot Law web site can assist in. Please visit the Litigation News section to see full descriptions of reported cases in the following areas:

Amputation of the foot or leg
Synovial Sarcoma
Over-correction of bunion
Foot, ankle, and associated orthopedic malpractice involving:
- Orthopedic, general, and plastic surgeons.
- Podiatrists.
- Other health care professionals, for example Emergency Room physicians, Anesthesiologists, Chiropractors, Radiologists, Physical Therapists, Primary and Family Medicine physicians
Bunion surgery
Diabetic foot complications
Fractures, including stress fractures
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Complications related to vascular disease
Complications resulting from Heel surgery including:
Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy
Complications resulting from infections
Hammertoe surgery
Metatarsal surgery
Complications from casts (including phlebitis)
Nerve entrapment
Wrongful death resulting from foot or orthopedic surgery/treatment
Failure to detect/diagnose
Medication errors
Treatment exceeding the scope of consent
Any claim relating to the foot, ankle, and orthopedic surgeries (including non-medical malpractice personal injury claims)
Surgery on or amputation of the wrong limb
Foot and orthopedic related product liability claims, including silicone and other implants
Post-operative complications
Legal malpractice claims based on underlying medical malpractice involving the foot, ankle, or leg.

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